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Protect yourself and your family from Sunburn!
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Summer swim wear exposes a lot of skin for the purpose of style and comfort, but most people are not aware that summer clothing and swim wear lets through a surprising amount of UV. This is very harmful to our skin and years of exposure can lead to skin cancers later in life.

Lotions do not protect well because they wash off during the day. A good way to protect our skin from the sun is to wear sun protective clothing such as a Rashguard. Rashguards are designed to provide constant UV protection, at the same time designed to be cool and comfortable to wear.

Why is it called a Rash Guard? When rashguards hit the market, the original use was to wear underneath a wet suit to protect people from rash caused by hours of contact with the rubber and neoprene contained in a wetsuit. As the product evolved, it became a product with UV protection and it became fashionable to wear as protection against sunburn.

Sun protective clothes like Rash Guards are rated for their level of UV protection according to UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). This is a similar rating to the SPF that we are used to seeing on suncreens, except that UPF addresses UVA and UVB whareas SPF only addresses UVB. Most dermatologists recommend clothing with a UPF 30 of higher rating. The highest rating is UPF 50+, according to American guidelines.

Our Roxy Rashguards and Quiksilver Rash guard are rated UV50+ and mare made with 6.3 oz UV Tech Lycra. These rashguards are specially designed so you can be on the water for as long as you want. So while looking good, you are actually protecting your skin!