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Binding Lube and Binding Slime for Wakeboarding and Waterskiing CWB Newt Connelly

Binding Lube Buyers guide

Binding Lubricants will make it easy to get in and out of your wakeboard boots or waterski bindings. We recommend buying a name brand binding lube. We do not recommend shortcuts to a name brand lube. Some riders mix dish soap with water, but detergents can harm the neoprene and rubber material in your bindings and slowly bleach out the colors in your bindings. Detergents and soaps are not ecologically friendly in lakes. There are riders that have tried buying non toxic wire pulling lube (elephant snot) and mixing it with water. We do not recommend this shortcut either because wire pulling compounds clearly say "industrial use only" and such lubes may contain chemicals that can harm your bindings.

There are many binding lube products on the market such as Duck Butter, Obrien Boot Lube, Airhead Boot Goo, Babe's Boat Care, Babes Boot Butter, Moose Juice, Toe Jam, Soap Buddy, Newt and Connelly. (That is quite a list of binding slime products.) We stock two of the best binding slime brands for watersports: Connelly Binding Lube and Newt Juice. This is choice based on the environmental or ecological content, protection of your bindings, slimyness, ease of use, and price.

Newt Shooter Binding Lube & Dispenser Kit
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Our price: $69.99
Newt Juice Sac Holder with 8oz or 16oz Bottle of Lube
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Our price: $19.95
Newt Juice Binding Lube
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Our price: $9.95