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Chums Floating Eyewear Retainer Sunglass Float

Chums Floating Eyewear Retainer Sunglass Float
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There is nothing more frustrating than falling off your jet ski and loosing your expensive pair of sunglasses at the bottom of a lake. Have you ever watched your sunglasses bounce off the deck of your boat and into the water, never to be found again?

If you have prescription designer sunglasses, the cost of that eye wear can be very high. You can protect your glasses by using these eyewear floats when ever you go boating, jet skiing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, river rafting, or any other sport on water. What about water park rides with your kids? Countless parents have had sunglasses wash off in a waterpark ride, sink to the bottom, and get swept away into an endless maze of waterway pipes. Sunglasses floats will help by keeping your sunglasses afloat with high visibility neoprene colors that help you can see and retrieve them.

The floats consists of a Neoprene material over a neoprene float. The neoprene tube slips tight over the frame and holds by friction. They come in two float thickness. The regular thickness is called the Neo Floating Retainer for plastic lenses which are light and do not need a lot of flotation. The regular neo will float eyewear up to 35 grams. The Neo Mega thickness is for glass lenses with metal frames that are heavy and need maximum flotation. This will float sunglasses up to 85 grams (3 oz).

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Chums Floating Eyewear Retainer Sunglass Float
Chums Blue Floating Eyewear Retainer
Chums Yellow Floating Eyewear Retainer
Chums Red Floating Eyewear Retainer
Black Chums Mega Floating Eyewear Retainer
Yellow Chums Mega Floating Eyewear Retainer

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