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Boat Trailer Guide Pads Pair for Guide Poles 48"

Boat Trailer Guide Pads Pair for Guide Poles 48"
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Trailer Guide Pads for Boat Trailer Guide Poles 48"

(also available in 36" length--click related products tab above)

Boat Trailer Guide Pads 48 inch by Newt are designed to fit tightly and slide on the existing pvc trailer guide poles. Once the pads are installed, the boat will have a protective padding so you will not scratch your boat on the poles when you pull your boat out of the water. Sold as a PAIR. Made in the USA. Also available in 36" length.

You may need something slippery like Newt Juice Binding Slime to help slide the guide pads on the PVC guide poles.

You know the routine. After a long day of boating, you waited in line at the trailer ramp. You sipped a can of Bud Lite to pass the time. You watched boater after boater try many times to center the boat on the trailer. Then there is that one guy who got you really impatient as he tried 10 times to get his boat centered on the trailer. People in line had the truck idling as the line slowly moved, but now, the line stopped and people turned off the motor as they waited in line. You finally had a sigh of relief when that guy finally got his boat on the trailer. He drove away, and the line started moving again.

In contrast to that, you probably watched a few people in front of you with the trailer guide poles as they got the boat on the trailer on the first try. You probably thought, there 'otta be a law to require guide poles on all ski boat trailers.

For the sake of all boaters waiting patiently in line, PLEASE buy trailer guide poles and trailer guide pads to speed up this ritual. You will save a lot of time. You will also save yourself a lot of scratches on your new boat caused by accidentally dragging your boat across your wheel fenders.

Many tournament ski boat trailers and wakeboard boat trailers already have PVC guide poles. If it does not have poles, many trailer stores sell kits to install on the back of any boat trailer. Some boaters with larger boats have installed them front and back for a total of 4 trailer poles. Guide poles are designed to be a guide to help center the boat. It is a great help when there is current and wind adding to the problem.

For boat ramps with steep angles, fixed guide poles may disappear underneath the waterline. In that case, some trailers have configured the PVC pole with a PVC sleeve under the Foam Trailer Guide Pads that allow the pads to slide up or down on the pole. The pads float, thus they will float up as the trailer backs up into deeper water making the guides visible again. The slide feature also allows you to use shorter poles since the guides will extend as they float up. The longer guide pads will handle larger boats or used in situations where the pads are mounted tight without the slide and float feature.

These Trailer Guide Pads are sold in pairs. The are available in 36 inch lengths or 48 inch length. They come in diameters 2 inches and 2.375 inches, to fit your poles. They are available with a brand name boat logo or unbranded with no logos.

Current Logos in stock: Ski Sanger, Ski Supreme, Malibu, Centurion, and Tige


Proudly Made in the United States of America



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