FatSac Wake Enhancer Buyers Guide

How to buy the right Wake Enhancer Fat Sacs

Fatsac Hookup Guide

Wake Enhancers or Fatsacs are used in wakeboarding and wakesurfing to create a wake behind your boat big enough to do big air tricks on a wakeboard, or to ride wakes using a wake surfboard. If you plan to do wakesurfing, you will need more fatsacs. The Bigger the Wake the Bigger the Fun.

We carry Fly High Fatsacs because they are the most durable. FlyHigh makes the fatsac from the same material called Valmex. Valmex is the same that is used in rafts for whitewater river rafting. This material is designed to survive sharp rocks in whitewater rafting. With this material, no outer shell is needed. Other brands with an outer shell are not as durable as FlyHigh Wake Enhancers. If you mount a fatsac on a the inside floor of a fiberglass boat that has a few screws sticking out of the fiberglass, other brands have a greater chance of puncturing the fatsac and leaking into your boat. FlyHigh has easy quick connect valves for the easiest configuration of your ballast fill and drain system. Fly High is made in the USA.

One of the great things about fat sacs is that it doesn't matter if they are exactly the same size and shape as the compartment or space they are going in because they will conform. If you want maximum weight out of a space or compartment you need to go with sacs at least as big, if not bigger then the space or compartment so when you fill them & they conform they will fill up the whole area and give you maximum weight out of it.

Here is a summary guide for buying and placing your fatsacs:
1. As you add more Fat Sacs, keep the weight distributed 60%-70% in the rear of the boat and 30%-40% in the front of the boat
2. For Runabouts (I/O's) with open bows, add a Fat Sac to the center locker first, then as you gain more experience wakeboarding and desire a bigger wake, distribute additional Fat Sacs using Rule #1.
3.To switch to wakesurfing, get MORE Fat Sacs and add them to the rear and side of the boat all the way up to the front (on the side that you are wakesurfing on).

How to Weight a V-Drive Ski or Wakeboard Boat for Wakesurfing

If you weight your V-Drive boat like this diagram shows, people will not have to learn to wakesurf behind it, they will immediately be able to do it the first time. People that already know how to wakesurf will be able to do bigger tricks without losing the wake.

The diagram below shows the way to weight a V-Drive ski/wakeboard boat for wakesurfing. Fill all factory ballast if there is any in the boat in addition to the sacs shown on the diagram to first get the whole boat down deep in the water. Put the Ultimate Wake Surf Sac (W718) on top of the rear seat & side seat and the V-Drive Wake Surf Sac (W713) on top of the front seat in the open bow that you are wakesurfing on, to get the rear corner and side of the boat you are surfing on even deeper in the water. This will displace the most water & create the biggest possible wake. The diagram shows it on the passenger side for wakesurfing on the passenger side. Put the Ultimate wakesurf Sac (W718) and the V-Drive Wakesurf (W713) in the same place on the drive side for wakesurfing on the driver side. The Ultimate Wakesurf Sac (W718) is symmetrical so the the fittings are on top and on the bottom so you can put it on the rear seat and side seat you are wakesurfing on & have the fittings on top to fill & empty from. Some wakesurfers like the shape of the wake better when you empty all the weight from side of the boat opposite from wakesurfing side, but the wake will not be as large.

NOTE: If you don’t want to put the 2 sacs on top the seats that are shown and explained on this document then do yourself a big favor and one weekend get at least 10 of your adult friends and have them sit on the rear and side seat that you are wakesurfing on all the way up into the open bow seating and once you experience how much more fun it is to wakesurf like that you will change your mind and you will get the 2 sacs that go on top of the seats for the times that you go wakesurfing and you cannot get at least 10 adult friends to come with you.

NOTE: It is important to hold the Ultimate Wakesurf Sac (W718) when you are filling and emptying it. When it is full it is firm so it cannot roll off the seats because it is shaped like a 'L'.

How to place fatsacs for a V-Drive boat

How to Weight a Mid Engine Direct Drive for Wakesurfing

(See diagram below) If your inboard direct drive has an open bow, instead of using a W707 Fat Sac, you can use Side Sac Set (W703) one underneath each seat or a W711 Inter- grated Bow Sac if there is an opening in the tip of the boat underneath the vynal cushion to put it thru and under the seats.

This shows the way to weigh an Inboard Mid-engine Direct Drive Ski Boat for wakesurfing.

Fill all factory ballast if the boat has any and all additional sacs shown in the diagram. Put the 2 Fat Sacs (W707) that go in the rear of the boat as far over as possible to the same side you are wake surfing on. This diagram shows the Fat Sacs as far over on the passenger side as possible for wakesurfing on the passenger side. Similarly, put the 2 Fat Sacs (W707) in the back all the way over on the driver side when wakesurfing on the driver side. Some wakesurfers like the shape of the wake better when you empty all the weight from side of the boat opposite from wakesurfing side, but the wake will not be as large.

How to place fatsacs for a Mid Engine or Direct Drive boat

Mastercraft Boats and Fly High Mastercraft Plug and Play Wake Enhancer Systems

Mastercraft engineers got together with Fly High to make different models of Mastercraft Plug & Play Ballast Sacs for various Mastercraft boat models. NOTE: The Plug & Play plumbing must be in your boat to use these plug and play ballast sacs. Check with our sales team to special order these proprietary fatsacs.

Boating Safety tip using fatsacs for wakeboarding or wakesurfing

When using fatsacs for wakesurfing wor wakeboarding, make sure to give the boat a little throttle when passing through large wakes to bring the bow of the boat up. This will help prevent waves from washing over the front of your bow swamping your boat with water. Always make sure you have good bilge pumps in case you hit a wave that takes on some water.

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