Glove Size Guide and Size Chart for WaterSki Gloves & Wakeboard Gloves.

How to measure your hand and buy the right size gloves

To properly fit the glove dry, you should have to really wiggle your hand into it. To “fit like a glove” It must be snug because it will stretch when wet. It is OK to be tight, because gloves that are too big will fold in your palm and create blisters when doing active grip sports such as wakeboarding or waterskiing.

Using gloves that are too big will quickly cause blisters on your first or second long run and it will ruin your remaining vacation. If you hands are soft, you can add additional protection against blisters by buying palm protectors or glove liners.

Glove Sizing Guide Printable

If you don't have a tape measure, this is a quick way to get your size. Click on the blue hand to popup a full size glove sizing guide and glove size chart. Print it out. Place your right hand as shown, with your index finger against the black line. The measurement that follows the right side of your hand is your approximate glove size.

Glove Size Chart Table is the Most Accurate Way to Measure your Glove Size

This method is better, but not guaranteed. There can be variations for womens sizes vs mens sizes. There can be variations with brand and year. For example, the 2015/2016 Masterline gloves are thinner in the fingers than the 2014 versions of Masterline gloves. If your glove size is larger than XL, fitting is tricky and it is best to call our store to help you select your size. Nothing substitutes visiting our store and trying on the gloves. Online buyers will be responsible for return shipping to try a different size if the gloves dont fit.

Using a tape measure as shown below, wrap a tape measure around your hand at the widest point (usually the knuckles) and make a loose fist. Note that measurement, round to the nearest .25" (0.1 cm) and refer to the chart below to find your approximate glove size.

Measurement Inches


Glove Size

Up to 7.5" 19 cm XS
7.5" to 8" 20.25 cm Small
8" to 8.5 21.5 cm Medium
8.5" to 9" 23 cm Large
9" to 9.5" 23+ cm X-Large (XL)


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