Kneeboard Buyers Guide and Kneeboard Hook

How to buy the right Kneeboard

It is much easier to get up on a kneeboard than a wakeboard. It is easier to use than a pair of water skis, and definitely easier to get up on than a slalom waterski. Because it is so easy, every family should have a kneeboard in your boat because every rider, any age, any skill level, can ride it and have fun.

The Kneeboard Hook is the most important feature for beginning riders

The hook holds the waterski handle while the rider gets up on the kneeboard. For a kids kneeboard, juniors, and teens who are learning to hold on to a waterski tow rope, the kneeboard hook is essential. Each brand has its own name, Hydroslide has the Hydroslide Hydro Hook and Obrien has the Aquatic Hook. If you are a beginner to intermediate rider, buy a board with the hook. Advanced kneeboards normally do not have a hook.

This video shows you how to use the Kneeboard Hook

2019 Kneeboard Ratings Kneeboard Reviews

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List of Kneeboards by Brand
Hydroslide Kneeboards
(Popup Hydro Hook)
hydroslide awuatic hook
Hydroslide Kneeboards
WITHOUT the Hook
HO Kneeboards
(Kneeboard Hook)
HO Kneeboards

Shock Strap on Hydroslide Kneeboards: Hydroslide Nash Replacement Kneeboard Strap 3inch Padded w Shock extension

Hydroslide has a good feature with the shock strap extension. The extension is red in color and comes with most Hydroslide Kneeboards. This allows larger men to ride by adding another 6 in of length to the strap.

Recreational Plastic Molded Kneeboards vs Fiberglass Composite Kneeboards for Pros:

Most recreational kneeboarders are made from rotomolded plastic. These plastic kneeboards are widely available and less expensive than competitive kneeboards. The soft, wide edges on plastic kneeboards are best suited for beginners and kids. Plastic is a little easier on you if the board hits you on the head. The design allows for smooth turning and good control for even the novice kneeboarder. The boards are relatively thick and very buoyant, so they help act as a flotation device after a spill. Some plastic kneeboards offer fins to help make turning easier.

Competitive kneeboards are Fiberglass Composite. These boards are higher performance and more durable. Thinner and lighter, they allow riders to make sharper turns, higher jumps, and more tricks. The thin construction is not as buoyant as recreational plastic models. Fiberglass kneeboards are very stiff and have some sharp edges. Sharp edges are dangerous for kids and beginners--only experienced riders should ride fiberglass molded kneeboards. Pros are experienced and do not need the kneeboard hook to get up on the board, thus pro knee boards normally do not have a kneeboard hook. The fiberglass models include: HO Agent, HO Joker.

Newest 2019 HO Sports RAD, RAD Plus, and FAD Inflatables

HO Sports innovated a new type of kneeboard in 2019 which blends the features of a wakeboard, a kneeboard, and an inflatable towable. They dont even call it a kneeboard. They call it an Aquatic Device for lack of a better name. The HO RAD (Round Aquatic Device), RAD Plus (Round Aquatic Device 5 ft), and FAD (Fun Aquatic Device), are all designed to be inflated to a significantly high pressure of 20 psi, almost as high as a car tire. The board is firm after inflation and you can ride it kneeling, sitting, standing, or laying down. The fact that it is inflated makes the ride softer in the water than a fiberglass or roto molded kneeboard. The FAD and RAD+ have a kneeboard hook for the tow rope to makes it easy get up on the board without holding on to the rope handle. The RAD boards are excellent for beginners, intermediate riders, kids, and adults of all ages.

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