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Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard 2017

Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard 2017
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The Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard is an ultra thin, and ultra light all fiberglass kneeboard and the most advanced kneeboard by Hydroslide. Riders of various weights and ages can ride this because the rectangular shape provides more surface area than the oval shaped boards. Base of board is smooth molded fiberglass, not plastic, and has detailed logo graphics similar to the top of the board. The base has 2 smooth raised areas molded in which run almost the entire length of the board. The slightly raised rails on the base make the board perform and turn without the use of fins. This is an advanced kneeboard so there is no kneeboard hook. The thick pad and deep knee wells, coupled with a three inch padded strap keep you securely fastened and comfortable during any and all tricks. The Respect is constructed like no other knee board, using only the finest materials that will give you a tight fast ride that will have you wanting to spend all day out on the water.

  • Construction: Fiberglass
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Strap Style: 3in padded shock strap
  • Weight Range: depends on skill of rider
  • Hydrohook: No hook
  • Thin Profile
UPC: 042813670537

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Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard 2017
Hydrodlide Resepct Kneeboard Base
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