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HO Sports Tall Life Vest CGA NYLON up to 5XL-TALL 2022

HO Sports Tall Life Vest CGA NYLON up to 5XL-TALL 2022
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HO 2021 Sports Big and Tall Oversized Mens Nylon Life Vest in Blue comes in sizes up to 5XL-TALL. This life jacket is Coast Guard Approved and a full 3 inches longer to help cover the tummy. Nylon is more economical than neoprene. Tall men complain that regular length life jackets can be too short. This Life Vest solves the TALL problem with an extra 3 inches of length. If you are 6 ft or taller, we suggest a TALL vest rather than a regular length vest. Tall Women buy this vest too.

This big and tall Life Jacket comes in sizes XL-TALL, 2XL-TALL, 3XL-TALL, 4XL-TALL, and 5XL-TALL. Tall sizes are also called XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT, 4XLT, and 5XLT. This zip-up nylon life jacket is comfortable with large arm holes for better mobility. This Big and Tall nylon life jacket uses softer foam. It has front and back foam panels with independent side panels on both sides. The HO Tall vest is a mens life jacket, however, plus-sized women and tall women prefer this vest too due to the fact that there are no other comparable vests of this size available for women.

TALL vests are NOT size forgiving like regular length vests because TALL vests cover more belly than the Regular length vests. Measure the belly. If your belly measurement is bigger than your chest measurement, the vest will probably not zip up. In that case, it is better to buy a size larger than what is indicated by the size charts. If you are only doing leisure activities such as fishing, pontoon boat cruising. or other slow watercraft activities, we recommend a size bigger for comfort. The customer is responsible for the choice of size and waives all liability against waterskiworld for that choice of size and use of that product.

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HO Sports TALL NYLON Life Jacket FRONT
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HO Sports Tall Life Vest CGA NYLON up to 5XL-TALL 2021 Size Chart

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