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Hyperlite Indy MENS NEOPRENE Life Vest 2017 Blue USCGA

Hyperlite Indy MENS NEOPRENE Life Vest 2017 Blue USCGA
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2017 Hyperlite Indy Mens Neoprene Life Jacket

Hyperlite Men's Indy Neo CGA Life Vest Jacket 2017 in Blue is a Neoprene Life Vest with the comfortable feel of a comp vest, but US Coast Guard Approved. This life jacket is the lightest USCGA neoprene vest on the market. Hyperlites patented Neoprene and Hybrid materials in this life jacket gives you the warmth of neoprene in the water without being soggy when wet. Hyperlite also makes a variation of the blue neoprene INDY Life Jacket in TALL sizes for oversized men. Use for active watersports like waterskiing and wakeboarding, jet skiing, river rafting, or other activities in the water where you need to use your arms and have freedom of movement.

The Hyperlite Indy Mens Life Jacket is one of the few neoprene life vests on the market that you can find in size 3XL, and there is a variation of this same vest in blue that is available in TALL sizes up to 4XL-TALL. If you are over 6 ft tall, we recommend a TALL size. Please click on related products tab to see it.  To make shopping easier, if you may select the 3XL-TALL or 4XL-TALL size in this listing and that TALL vest will appear.

Colors: Black and Gray, or Black and Blue. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GRAY, PLEASE CLICK ON RELATED PRODUCTS TAB ABOVE. (Gray does not come in a TALL)

Fit warning on this life vest: The manufactures size charts are specified for athletic SNUG fit for active watersports. If you are using this life jacket for relaxation in the water, you will need to a size bigger. If you are a big man and your tummy measures bigger than your chest, you absolutely need to go up a size or find a vest with the flex back to make more room for the mid section. If 3XL or 4XLT is still not big enough, we advise you to look at our oversized nylon life jackets which you can find in all sizes up to 7XL. We publish the manufactures size charts but do not guarantee a fit based on those charts because people have different body shapes.

Hyperlite Men's Indy Life Vest Features:
- USCG Approved Type III Personal Flotation Device
- 2 Concealed 1.5 in. Straps
- Segmented Foam Panels
- Superior Drain-ability

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Hyperlite Indy MENS NEOPRENE Life Vest 2017 Blue USCGA
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