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Hyperlite TALL NEOPRENE Life Jacket up to 5XL-TALL 2021

Hyperlite TALL NEOPRENE Life Jacket up to 5XL-TALL 2021
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The 2021 Hyperlite TALL is the LARGEST all NEOPRENE life vest in the world for men 280lbs, 300lbs, 400lbs, and more. The TALL is BIG, Coast Guard Approved, and very comfortable for sizes 2XL-TALL, 3XL-TALL, 4XL-TALL, 5XL-TALL. The biggest size, 5XL-TALL (5XLT), will fit a chest size to 66 inches, but stretches a few inches bigger. This oversized life jacket is 3 inches longer in the torso so it will cover the belly a little better and wont look like a crop top or a bra on tall men. Plus sized women buy this life jacket too. Ships Free in the USA.

Vest has large armholes for freedom of movement so you can move, paddle, row, ride behind a boat in a towable tube, water ski on an Big Daddy waterski, ride on big HO Hovercraft waterski, ride a big wakesurfer, or go jet skiing on a Yamaha wave-runner.

Before buying, please take the extra time to read our life vest size page by clicking on the life vest size chart icon. We published the manufactures size charts but these charts do not guarantee a fit because every person has a different body shape. Each person buys depending on the use of that vest. Some want relaxed fit for boating. Some want a tight athletic fit for watersports. Buyer is responsible for paying shipping costs to try a different size. That is the risk everybody takes when buying wearable products online.

Hyperlite Indy TALL Life Vest Features:
- A full 3" longer than a regular life vest
- front zipper
- USCGA Type III Personal Flotation Device
-5XLT is also Coast Goard approved in both USA and CANADA
- US Coast Guard Approved in all the sizes 2XLT, 3XLT, 4XLT, 5XLT
- Two Buckle with Straps 1.5" wide
-Segmented Foam Panels
-Superior Drain-ability

UPC: 054065723572

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Hyperlite TALL NEOPRENE Life Jacket 2021 BACK
Hyperlite Tall Neoprene Life Vest 4XL-TALL
Hyperlite 5XLT Neoprene Life Vest New USA and Canada Coast Guard Rating

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Customer
    4X was too small so I waited for the 5XL TALL to come out this year. I got it and it fits. The 5X took a big jump in size from the 4X. It is very soft, and it stretches nicely over my chest. Very easy to put on and take off because it only has 2 straps and a zipper. I did not like the Full Throttle because it was a shorter vest with too many straps and buckles. The bottom 2 straps in the Full Throttle hung down and got twisted in the back when I put on the vest, so I had to ask for help straightening the straps.
  • Author: Customer
    Exactly what I was looking for. Very comfortable.
  • Author: Customer
    Feels good! Nice and lightweight, soft, and easy to adjust. The only advice I would give is get 1 size bigger than you are. I always wear 2XL but needed a 3XL with this vest. It's great that it covers my full upper body and doesn't feel like a kids vest or half vest.
  • Author: Customer
    It Fits.