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Hyperlite TALL NEOPRENE Life Jacket 2XL 3XL 4XL-TALL 2019

Hyperlite TALL NEOPRENE Life Jacket 2XL 3XL 4XL-TALL 2019
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Hyperlite is the only brand name in watersports making TALL oversized neoprene Life Jackets

Largest NEOPRENE life vest in the world and the only TALL oversized NEOPRENE life jacket. The 2018 Hyperlite Indy TALL is BIG and Coast Guard Approved for sizes 2XL-TALL, 3XL-TALL, 4XL-TALL, 5XL-TALL. This TALL neoprene life jacket has an extra 3" in length so it will cover the tummy a little better and wont look like a bra on tall men. Plus sized women buy this life jacket too, because there just aren't any womens vests that size. CGA means US Coast Guard Approved. Please read all sizing tips before selecting your size.

If you are over 6' 1" tall, we recommend a TALL life vest to give you more torso coverage.

BUYER BEWARE OF FAKE ADS for TALL. Fake Ads may say Big and Tall, but zoom in on the size label to see if it is true. If the label doesnt say TALL, its not.

Neoprene, the material used in wetsuits, is warmer on your body compared to nylon. The neoprene shell is soft and comfortable, not scratchy. Neoprene wont create arm pit abrasion like some nylon life jackets with that extra belt near the arm pit.

This Hyperlite oversized TALL neo life vest has large arm holes for freedom of movement so you can be active in the water for sports like kayaking, canoeing, towed watersports, and jet skiing. It has a front zipper to keep it snug. It has segmented foam panels that bend and flex. Similar to the Indy design, it is not too thick so that the vest stayes light and comfortable. Even with this thin profile, it is fully Coast Guard Approved with full flotation in all sizes. Move, paddle, row. Ride behind a boat in a towable tube, water ski on a Big Daddy waterski, ride a big wakesurfer. Go boating or jet skiing. Go down a river on a river raft or relax in a fishing boat.

Note on size: TALL vests are not as forgiving on the size as Regular length vests because TALL covers more lower torso area than Regular. Please measure your chest circumference under the arms and across the pecs. Also measure the belly. If your belly measurement is bigger than your chest measurement, the guide based on chest size will not be right and the TALL vest will zip up. In that case, it is better to buy a size larger than what is indicated by your measured chest size. If your are close to the top end of that number on the chart for that size, better go a size up. Size charts are legally set by the manufacturer for a snug athletic fit for active watersports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing. For NEOPRENE vests, those charts run even tighter because Neoprene stretches 3 to 4" when wet, and the manufacturers want the vest to stay snug when it gets wet and stretches out. If you are using this for leisure activities such as fishing, leisure on a pontoon boat or other slow watercraft activities, or you have no intention of getting in the water, we recommend a size bigger for comfort. Customer is responsible for choice of size, and assumes all liability in that choice. Water Ski World is not responsible for return shipping when a vest does not fit. People have different body shapes and what fits one person with a particular chest size may not fit another with the same chest size, especially when it comes to TALL vests. That is the risk when you buy a wearable product online.

Please click on the size chart icon to read about life vest sizing. It includes our legal disclaimers:

- Hyperlite Indy TALL Life Vest Features:
- A full 3" longer than a regular life vest
- front zipper
- USCGA Type III Personal Flotation Device
- Coast Guard Approved in all the sizes 2XLT, 3XLT, 4XLT, 5XLT
- Two Buckle with Straps 1.5" wide
- Segmented Foam Panels
- Superior Drain-ability

UPC: 054065667777

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See below video of a 405 lb customer trying on a 5XL-TALL Neoprene life jacket. The 5XL-TALL NEOPRENE will be in stock December 2019.

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Hyperlite TALL NEOPRENE Life Jacket 2XL 3XL 4XL-TALL 2019
Hyperlite Tall Neoprene Life Vest 400 lb man
4XL TALL Neoprene. He is 6'7" Tall 350 lbs
Hyperlite Indy TALL neoprene life vest Logo 2017
Hyperlite TALL size stamp on neck of vest
Hyperlite TALL neorene life jacket Back 2017
Hyperlite 5XL-TALL Neoprene Life Jacket 2019

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  • Author: Big Al
    It is BIG but need Bigger. Waiting for the 5XL-TALL. Cant wait till it comes in 2019. For now, have to use the full throttle vest nylon vest.