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Terms & Conditions


Customers who registered before placing an order will be able to view their orders online, make comments, view comments, and see tracking. Customers who check-out as guest will not be able to see this information online. The only information guests will receive is an email with all order information, and an email from FedEx or USPS with tracking number, assuming that the FedEx email does not go to spam.

Registration assumes buyer acceptance and an opt-in to our newsletters. Newsletters are not frequent--perhaps once every 2 to 3 months, and perhaps once per month in November and December, so dont worry about cluttering your inbox.


USPS, Fed-Ex Ground, amd Smart Post orders are normally processed and shipped within 1 to 2 business days. Sunday is not a business day. (Weekends are not business days to FexEx, but Saturday is a business day to USPS).

We are always inspect and pack your goods with care. We put an extra strip of cardboard along the top seam for life vest orders to help prevent slit damage just in case you forget to read the policy warning about opening a box with a sharp knife. We always pad the tips of skis with extra protection to protect the tips. All skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, ahd wakesurfers are packed an a special box marked fragile. We do our best, but in rare cases, we have still seen problems. We have seen cases where a FedEx or USPS fork lift ran into a box and completely destroyed the contents. We have seen cases where we saw foot prints on the box where a carrier used your box as a step stool. (Please see policies about shipment damage and claims).

Water Ski World is not responsible for delays or losses caused by the FedEx, USPS, or other Couriers. It is the customers responsibility to check the tracking number provided and notify us of a problem. In the event of a loss, money will be fully refunded after a claim has completed processing by the Courier and sent the refund to WaterSkiWorld.

We are not responsible for typographical errors and all items are subject to availability and prior sales.

We do not ship to Hotels unless previous arrangements have been made with waterskiworld. Hotel shipments must include dates of stay.

FedEx will not ship to a PO Box.

USPS will NOT ship an oversized box to a PO Box. Oversized boxes are most wakeboards, skis, kneeboards, larger wakesurfers, 48 inch Trailer Guide Pads, and larger items.

We encourage shipping to a business address because it will be cheaper. If shipping to a business, please dont forget to enter the name of your business in the company name.

Schools and Universities must include all details such as dorm number, student name, and building name to successfully deliver to a school.

The Order Confirmation Does Not Constitute a final Offer or Contract. All Orders Are Subject To Management Review and Approval. When purchasing from us, buyer acknowledges reading the return policy and the release of product liability both which are referenced in this policies page and acknowledged in the check out process.

Standard USA Shipping

Standard USA is the most economical shipping method for orders under $99 in the 48 contig states. (This shipping method is not offered to Alaska, Hawaii, Military addresses, or other USA protectorates.) Standard USA Shipping costs are based on zones starting from the west coast to spreading out to the east coast. For example, California is the first zone and is the state in which we are located. We will pick the most expeditious shipping method between FedEx Ground, USPS Priority Mail, or USPS Smart Post depending on the order and the delivery zip. If we use Smart post, it will arrive in about 3 to 8 days. Priority Mail 2 to 3 days. FedEx Ground 3 to 6 days. In rare cases, FedEx Express saver (a 3 day service) may show a rate cheaper than Standard USA Shipping. When that happens, you may select FedEx Express Saver and you will have your package delivered in 3 to 4 business days (excluding weekends.)

Understanding FedEx 3 Day (FedEx Express Saver), FedEx 2 Day, and FedEx STANDARD Overnight

Beware of 3 day holiday weekends and the Saturday policies with FedEx. FedEx Express Saver and FedEx 2 day methods are not good shipping choices for orders placed late in the week when you want it delivered before a weekend or delivered on Saturday, or delivered on a Monday. Waiting until the end of the week to order and paying more for FedEx does not mean you will get it any sooner than USA Standard Shipping. FedEx, however, is an excellent service if you understand how it works, order early in the week, or call us to pay for FedEx shipping upgrades to get it delivered when you need it.

FedEx Express Saver name is misleading. It is not an overnight service. It is a 3 day service. It does NOT deliver on Saturdays. It does not pick up on weekends or Holidays. Sundays and Holidays are non-business days for ALL shipping methods. FedEx STANDARD overnight does NOT deliver on Saturdays unless you call us to pay for an upgrade to FedEx PRIORITY overnight with SATURDAY DELIVERY. FedEx 2 day does NOT deliver on Saturdays unless you call us to pay for an upgrade to Saturday delivery.

FedEx charges a steep premium to pick up an order on Saturdays, so we do not offer FedEx SATURDAY pickups. (The only exception is when a customer calls in on Friday or early Saturday morning with a PRIORITY OVERNIGHT order that must be delivered on MONDAY.)

We will process your FedEx order on the same Business Day but we must receive the order before 11 AM California time to give us enough time to pack the order and hand it to our FedEx courier by 3:30 PM. If your order comes in after 11 AM, please put a comment on your order explaining when you need it so we can work out the best solution to that problem. You may need to call us to upgrade and pay for FedEx overnight, or pay extra for FedEx Saturday delivery. Sometimes, at the customers request, we have hand carried packages to the FedEx office before the trucks leave at 5 PM.

If you dont call us, and your Overnight order comes in late on a Friday well after our 11 AM PST deadline, it will go out on Monday. If Monday is a holiday, it will go out on Tuesday. If your overnight order comes in on Friday morning (before our cutoff) it will be be delivered on Monday, because FedEx STANDARD Overnight does not deliver on Saturdays. If your Friday overnight order must be delivered on a Saturday, please call us to pay for an upgrade to Fedex PRIORITY overnight with SATURDAY delivery. (It is a pricy upgrade).

Customers are required to check a box to agree to our policies before paying for an order, but most customers never completely read this policy section about FedEx. Because of this, we reserve the right to change FedEx Express Saver or FedEx 2 day to USPS Priority Mail at no extra charge if we believe that the order will get to sooner. Priority mail is usually faster over a weekend because they count Saturday as a business day for both pickup and delivery. We can make that switch if we have time to analyze the delivery time on your FedEx order, and it does not cost us more money to switch. Some days there is no time to do that extra analysis, so we just ship it using the FedEx method you requested.

If you are in a rush, leaving on vacation, or need something just before a holiday weekend, please pick up the phone, and call us, or at least, put a note on the order to tell us by what date you need the delivery.

USPS Priority Mail Orders (Domestic)

USPS Priority Mail is not select-able on checkout page, but if you select FedEx Saver and put a note on the order to please send USPS Priority Mail, and it is not an oversized package, we will comply. If the order comes in on Friday or Saturday, we will probably do that anyway. Our USPS courier picks up at 4:30 PM. If your order comes in before 12 noon California time, it will go out that day. Unlike FedEx, USPS counts Saturday as a business day for pickup and delivery. If you make a late Friday order, USPS Priority Mail is always faster than FedEx 2 day.

Free USA Shipping for Orders Over $99

Free USA shipping is offered to the 48 contiguous states for orders over $99. We will ship the most economical tracked method between USPS priority mail, Smart Post, or FedEx ground when free shipping is selected.

Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Military APO, and Alaska are outside of the 48 Contiguous states. If the FedEx methods that appear for non-contiguous regions seem very high, it is best to call so we can manually calculate shipping and send it USPS Priority Mail. Priority Mail is almost always more economical when your shipment is not oversized.


For any eligible products that can be purchased and shipped internationally, we ship FedEx or USPS Priority Mail International. Customer is responsible for paying duty taxes in his country for orders shipped from the USA to your country. If we ship the order and you refuse the order because of duty taxes in customs, we will charge you all shipping costs, return shipping, a 20% restock fee, plus a delivery refusal fee.

Orders with an International billing address must be paid PayPal. International orders paid by credit card and shipped to a USA address, or any USA address near a USA border, or a ship forwarder address, are subject to extreme scrutiny.

We are unaware and do not know when your address is an international ship forwarder, because it looks like any other USA address. We ship to the USA address you give us, but please be informed that most ship forwarders do not forward oversized packages. Oversized packages include skis, all wakeboards, wakesurfers, and kneeboards. It is a costly customer mistake. If your order is delivered to a USA ship forwarder who cannot forward your item, you will have to call the ship forwarder to pay the return shipping so the item will be sent back to Water Ski World. It will be up to you to follow-up this problem. We cannot do this for you. You will end up paying return shipping from that USA address, and you will be charged a 20% restock fee when the item finally comes back to Water Ski World. No refund can be issued until we get the item back.


Returns are allowed within 30 days, new condition with tags. We apply a 15% restocking fee, and no refund on shipping. Buyer pays return shipping. After 30 days, if item is still in new condition with tags, we apply a 20% restock fee. No return allowed if item is used, or tags removed, or the Coast Guard booklet is missing on a Life Jacket return, or more than 90 days after purchase. If your return is past the 30 days, please contact us before doing a return so we may locate your order number.

Please put a copy of your packing slip or order in the box and comment that document if you are returning for refund, or exchanging for a different size. Buyer is still responsible for shipping on an exchange, but exchanges are not subject to restock fee.

All orders, even if shipped from an outside warehouse, must be returned to our store. The store address may not be the address on your packing slip, so please make sure you use our store address, which is on our website. We recommend using a tracked shipping method, and using the same shipping box that it came in.

Towable tubes, once opened, inflated, or used, are not returnable. This is because it is impossible to repack it into the same box it came in. If you absolutely are not happy with your tube, call us so we can work something out.

We only sell factory new tubes in an unopened box, but in a very rare case, a customer may report a defect in the tube after opening the box. In that very rare case, we will need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. Customer will need to cooperate with us by taking pictures of the defect and signing a claim form before we can replace or refund the tube.

Our checkout process is crystal clear and we will ship what you order. You will see a picture of all items and options such as color and sizes that you ordered in the cart and on the checkout page before you pay. You can also see all MPNs, descriptions and options you selected for each item you ordered on the invoice that gets emailed to you. We keep a paper copy of your original invoice. If you order a wakeboard with bindings, you will see a picture of that exact wakeboard with the exact bindings you ordered in your cart and on the checkout page.

WaterSkiWorld is run by 2 people, Patrick and Rhonda Kennelly. We operate out of the east wing of the West Coast Boating Center. As a small business, we cannot afford to absorb costs of a customers a mistake when he orders the wrong item, or wrong size, or frivolously changes his mind after placing an order. If a customer immediately cancels an order before it is shipped, it will be refunded 100%; Otherwise, your mistaken order will be on its way to you and standard return policies apply.

WaterSkiWorld will pay your return shipping only when we make a mistake that was clearly our fault, such as sending you something you did not order. If that happens, (rarely) we will send you a call tag or shipping label to pick up your box and then either send you the correct item or refund your order.

Delivery refusal is a serious violation of our return policy. Unless we instructed you in writing to refuse delivery due to a mistake on our part, delivery refusal is subject to all shipping charges that we incurred plus a refusal fee plus a restock fee.

Do not open your box with sharp knife

We are not responsible for cuts or slits in life vests, ski belts, tubes, or other products that happen when a customer opens his box with a sharp knife or a razor blade box cutter. We always inspect our products before shipment and do not ship products with slits in them. This problem happens when a customer cuts open his box with a sharp knife. We encourage you to always use a dull blade such as a butter knife to open your box to prevent cutting or slitting the contents. Always cut the packing tape with a dull object.

30 Day Performance Guarantee

If you buy a high end ski from us for the current season, you have 30 days to exchange it for another high end ski or binding if you are unhappy with the performance of the ski or the bindings. Restock fee waived. Buyer pays all shipping for the exchange. No other shop in the USA offers this Performance Guarantee. This program only applies to new current year advanced waterskis, not closeouts of older products or beginners items such as combo skis or trainer skis.

Manufacturer Size Charts for Life Jackets

Life vest size charts are provided by the manufacturer and legally, we cannot publish anything different, even if some of the charts are conservative. Manufactures mostly do not want to sell a vest that is too big and unsafe. Water Ski World cannot guarantee the fit based on these charts because some of the charts may be conservative, and people have different body shapes. Buyer is responsible for shipping both ways to exchange to a different size. Please read our Life Vest Buyers Guide and check the Life Vest Size Charts before buying a life vest.

Release of liability for Competition Vests

A vest that is not US Coast Guard Approved, "non-USCGA", means that the garment is not a Life Jacket. This garment is not approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Department of Transportation, or any other agency making official approvals of flotation devices. No express or implied warranties are made concerning its use. This garment cannot be considered a safety vest of any kind and is not designed to protect the user from impact. (This includes the Nash Hydroslide Ski Flotation Belt). It should be worn only by experienced riders when life guards, patrol boats, or pickup boats are actively present, and the rider is under constant observation. This garment should not be worn by anyone who cannot swim. The buoyancy factor and its distribution in the jacket is not sufficient to float a conscious or unconscious person in a "face up". Injury or drowning could occur while wearing this garment. Wear this garment at your own risk. Customer waives all liability and holds harmless the seller in any and all cases of injury.

General Release of Product Liability

"Manufacturer and/or retailer and/or seller" shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for losses or consequential damages or injury sustained by the Customer. The Customer is ultimately responsible for his choice of product and the size of a product. By purchasing a product at Water Ski World or any of its sales locations or web sites (such as eBay, or the Citrus Heights Store, West Coast Boat Center, or quarterly boat shows), the Customer waives all liability for use (or misuse) of a product and holds the seller harmless. Warranties and remedies with respect to manufacturing defects, condition, or life of the product are specifically excluded and must be resolved with the manufacturer per the manufacturers warranty.

Product Warranty

Please click here to read the various warranty statements for each brand