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Website Security

Your data is secure. We use 256 bit encryption by GeoTrust SSL combined with secure payments thru authorize.net or PayPal. Your URL prefix is HTTPS, which means encrypted and secure. Our website is PCI compliant.

Our web server for WaterSkiWorld is in the United States. Our PCI Compliant server, unfortunately, blocks the very old Android mobile phones that do not conform to compliant protocals. A few customers have called about this block and we tell them they will have to place the order on a PC, Apple device, or a newer Android device.

We also block some specific areas in the world lfrom accessing our site because those areas have too many hackers.

We use Microsoft Defender Anti Virus with Windows 10 on all computers at WaterSkiWorld and all PCs are behind a firewall. Your email messages are secure. We always tell customers to never put a credit card number or any secure data on any email..

We took additional steps to protect your order and credit card data. After your order is placed, your credit card number is NEVER displayed again, never printed, and never kept on any document in our shop, anywhere. Documents may show the last 4 digits of your credit card, and that is all we see. Your 3 digit security code on the back of your card is validated, but not stored. We never see it at all. 

When you create an order, or register a customer account, we do not save your credit card in your customer account. If you want to place another order, you have to input your credit card again. The best prevention against robbery of credit card info is simply to not save it in our shop.

If you pay by credit card using Authorize.net, that system is one of the most secure payment systems in the world, and we only can see the last 4 digits of your card on that system.

If you select PayPal to make payment, PayPal has its own security and it is one of the most secure payment systems in the world. We cannot see any part of your credit card number in that system.

PCI Compliant SIte Verified by Trustwave