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Wakeboard Binding Compatibility Guide M6

Wakeboard Binding Compatibility between different brand wakeboards

Unlike the electronics industry, Wakeboarding manufacturers have communicated with each other to set standards for wakeboard sizes, bolt sizes, and boot hole patterns. All brands have been standardized so that one brand of boots or bindings will fit on another brand wakeboard, however, standards have been upgraded over the years as equipment has become modernized. Newer boots/bindings may not fit on older boards.

Another important factor is that Hyperlite made the boot and binding separate, similar to the snowboarding industry. If you have a set of Hyperlite boots with matching bindings, they should fit on other brand wakeboard. but you may run into an issue with newer boots on older boards.

Wakeboard Binding Compatibility Guide for M6 Metric

The most recent standard change affecting all wakeboards 2013 and newer is the M6 metric bolt standard. Generally, you will can put prior years boots (depending on the year) on a 2013 or newer wakeboard if you buy the new metric bolds.

Wakeboard Binding Compatibility Guide for Older Wakeboards

We sell the Hyperlite Nash Watersports wakebord bindings which are compatible with older wakeboards which have the older hole pattern:

Brandon Bindings Compatible with Older Wakeboards