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Award for CWB Hinge Tech Wakeboard Binding System

The idea has been used for years on some brands of snowboard bindings, but CWB was the first to place patent on the idea for wakeboard boots with the Patented Hinge Tech binding system. The Just flip a lever down, step in with ease, flip the lever up and done. Hinge Tech is the standard in easy-entry adjustable boots with zero heel lift. No other company has a boot that opens wide for your foot to slide into and then closes up for amazing support with the flip of a lever. When you take a hard fall they release (open) so you will come out.

Click on a CWB Boot Binding picture below to read details to see if that particular pair of wakeboard boots comes with the Hinge Tech Feature. Some adult boots do not have Hinge Tech. All of the CWB Wakeboard Boots for Kids have it.

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CWB Empire Wakeboard Bindings Mens 2016
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Our price: $209.95
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CWB Optima Wakeboard Bindings Mens XS 2015
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Our price: $179.95