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Jabsco Pump - Wakeboard Ballast Puppy W610-P

Jabsco Pump - Wakeboard Ballast Puppy W610-P
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High volume, self-priming, reversible, metal ballast pump. Best for automatic ballast systems. Not made in the USA but high quality pump endorced by Fly High.

The Jabsco Wakeboard Ballast Puppy is designed to pump water into Wakeboard Liquid Ballast Tanks and when reversed will also pump water out of them. It has a flow rate of 540 gallons per hour, so it can fill most ballast tanks in about five minutes. It is equipped with a Run-Dry Protection Device to automatically shut-off the pump and protect the impeller from run-dry damage should the pump be mistakenly left on after the Ballast Tank is empty. The Ballast Puppy also features ignition protetion which allows the use of this pump in the engine compartment unlike its less expensive cousin the Simer Pump. This is the same pump used to fill and drain OEM ballast sytems in Mastercraft Wakeboard Boats, 2009 Supra Wakeboard Boats, 2009 Moomba Wakeboard Boats, Correct Craft Wakeboard boats and Centurion Wakeboard Boats.

How Many Jabasco Pumps should I buy and install for an automatic ballast system?

The number of Jabasco pumps to install depend on how many sacs you have and how fast you want to fill them. You can start with one pump and connect up all the sacs with hoses. If you later add enough fatsacs for wakesurfing, you may install another Jabasco pump to shorten the fill time and drain time. Another option is to speed up the fill manually by helping fill the furthest sacs with a Tsunami Pump. Some wakesurfing enthusiasts have installed one Jabasco pump per fatsac for the maximum fill and drain rate, allowing the boat to be quickly ready for wakesurfing.

If you do not install a pump for automatic fill and drain of your fatsacs, you will need to drain and fill manually using a Tsunami Pump or a pair of Tsunami Pumps connected to a splitter.

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Proudly Made in the United States of America

Jabsco Ballast Pump

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