About Wakesurfing, Wake Surfboard Size Guide and Safety

Wakesurfing is extremely enjoyable and fun for the whole family. The use of wakesurfers is relatively a new boating activity and growing in popularity. The most common remark you will hear after the experience of riding a wakesurfer is how easy it is on the body, especially from the more mature participants. Boat manufacturers are building boats specifically for this purpose. The idea is to have the right wakesurf board suited for your weight, ability, and boat wake. The bigger you are, the bigger the board. If you are a beginner, a big board will be more stable, float better, and have more stability making it easier to ride without the handle. The more experienced wakesurf riders prefer the mid to small size wake surfboard allowing them to perform a variety of manuvers.

The bigger the wake, the more fun. A Wake Enhancer Fatsac system is essential on your boat to create a good wake to ride a wakesurfer. If your boat has a small wake, you my want to look at getting some ballasts or Fat Sacks to increase the size of your wake.

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Safety Warning: never wakesurf behind a boat where its propeller is exposed such as outboard motors or inboard outboard since results may be fatal. Only wakesurf behind a inboard boat where prop is underneath the boat.

One of our customers riding a Landlock Wakesurfer

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