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EZ Ski Kids Trainers

Discount kids and junior trainer waterskis and the EZSKI trainer

See our collection of waterskis for juniors and kids who are learning water-skiing for the first time. We have the popular EZ SKI kids trainer and other Trainer waterskis and platform waterskis for kids. If you are a Kid or Youth who has never waterskied before, you are a beginner. Start here. Your child, youth or Junior will stand up and be riding on the first try with a training water ski. Waterski schools use these trainers to teach kids how to waterski.

Need help deciding what size and type of waterski to buy?

Sometimes equipment is hastily purchased online without consideration for age, weight and skill level and it ends up collecting dust. Ask the questions: What length waterski should I buy? What are the types of waterskis? What waterski is best for my height and weight? What type of water ski is best for a family sharing the equipment? What types of skis are for advanced riders? Most questions are answered in the buyers guides. Please click on a buyers guide icon below to read it.

Water Ski Size Chart and Buyers Guide

Connelly Firecracker Kids Platform Trainer Ski 2021
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Our price: $139.95