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HO Hovercraft Slalom Water Ski 2021 - Closeout

HO Hovercraft Slalom Water Ski 2021 - Closeout
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HO Hovercraft Slalom Water Ski for 2021 doubles the fun with the surface area of two skis combined. The Hovercraft waterski provides easier get-ups compared to a wakeboard. It is a great choice for beginners. With its carbon fiber base, it is also great for experts who want open water rides with tricks. The Hovercraft waterski can be towed with anything, even a good jet ski. The fuller ski outline provides easy clear directional getups with less wobble and less spray in the face. The largest length ski has more surface area than the Big Daddy.

Buy a size that will ride any rider in your boat, from Juniors to Adult, because they will all want to ride it. Available in a 65 for lighter riders, 67 for average weight, and 69 inches for big heavy riders. Why buy a Big Daddy when you can buy a fun HO Hovercraft? Also, remember that even the 65 has enough surface area to ride a large adult, and a junior can still ride a 67 if the boots fit.

Hovercraft Features:
SwalllowTail Tri-Fin For Surf Style Control
Extra Stable Platform
Flexbody Construction
Speedskin Base
Widetrack Frame

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HO Hovercraft Mens Slalom Water Ski 2021 Base

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