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HO Adapter Plate for xMax freeMax Boot/Binding 2019

HO Adapter Plate for xMax freeMax Boot/Binding 2019
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HO Adapter Plate for xMax freeMax Boot/Binding allows you to swap out the new Direct Connect footbed in an xMax or freeMAX waterski boot or a rear toe binding, and replace it with a traditional PLATE. The HO Direct Connect system is used on 2015 or newer HO skis, and does not use a plate. Direct Connect boots mount in a straight line of threaded holes in the ski with no metal or plastic plate. There is a direct connect mounting screw for the front of the boot and another for the heel on Direct Connect bindings. This product will changing out the HO footbed to an adapter plate to mount your new HO boot or rear toe on skis with a traditional rectangular plate hole pattern. You can purchase the FRONT only, or REAR only, or both FRONT and REAR. Sizes 4-8, 7-11, or 10-15 available.

Note: The foot bed is designed for the x-Max or FreeMax boots made in years 2015 thru 2019. HO changed the footbed plate slightly in 2020. We have them. Please call of you have a 2020 boot/binding and need the new 2020 adapter plate.

Installation Instructions

1. Remove the footbed from boot. For xMax and freeMax boots, the footbed is held in with 2 Velcro strips, 1 located towards the front, under the toes, and 1 located under the arch of the foot. Release the Velcro by slowly pulling upwards on the front of the footbed and then working towards the back. The footbed can then be slid out towards the front.

2. Turn the boot upside down. Unscrew the eight mounting screws. Keep these screws as you will use them to attach the new Adapter plate.

3. Remove the DirectConnect mounting plate.

4. Slide the new Max Adapter Plate complete with footbed into the front of the boot. Line up the new plate with the fastener holes on the boot.

5. Securely fasten the Adapter plate with the eight mounting screws from step 2.

See detailed images.

Disclaimer: The NEW HO Water Ski Boots/Bindings have the new centerline direct connect system to mount to the new HO skis. This Center Mounting System started in 2015 with a single centerline hole pattern. If you are purchasing this boot/binding for any ski that is non-HO or any HO ski 2014 or older, you need the HO traditional plate. If the boot is sold as direct connect no plate, you can purchase the HO plate separately. The HO Mens evo, Womens evo, Mens Freeride, Womens Freeride skis have a centerline direct connect hole pattern only so they can only accept direct connect bindings/boots. All other HO skis have both hole patterns and can accept either direct connect or traditional plate.

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Foot Size Charts

HO MAX Adapter Plate Steps
HO Adapter Plate for xMax freeMax Boot/Binding 2019 Front
HO Adapter Plate for xMax freeMax Boot/Binding 2019 Rear

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