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HO Syndicate VTR Slalom Water Ski 2017

HO Syndicate VTR Slalom Water Ski 2017
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The HO Syndicate VTR Slalom Waterski is the best slalom ski in the HO Sports Syndicate product line of Slalom waterskis for men or women. R stands for the innovative rocker developed for this ski. It is the lightest slalom waterski in the world. This ski was tested by 25 tournament skiers at the Sacramento ProAm tournament in September 2016 and it had overwhelming success with the new elliptical rocker.

The HO Syndicate VTR uses exclusive aerospace carbon fiber and Superlite Core Technology

The HO Syndicate VTR is part of the Carbon fiber line of HO Syndicate waterskis. The HO Syndicate VTR has a narrower max width than the previous V-Type. The new elliptical rocker has a significantly higher tip height and a greater rocker in the rear 15" of the tail. Also, the VTR has more of a parallel shape under the feet and a narrower max width, but a wider tail than the previous generation.

The VTR’s rocker line is built upon a progressively changing elliptical arc. A larger radius arc in the center of the ski, with smaller radii arcs in the tip and tail, result in quick, tight radius turns. The ski width of the VTR is perfectly matched to its elliptical rocker line. Where the elliptical rocker is flatter, the matching ski width is more parallel. In the tip and tail, where the elliptical rocker is more curved, the matching ski width has been increased. The result when the ski is rolled onto edge is a new level of balance. With the additional of Carbon Fiber SpeedSkin, an advanced laminar textured ski base, the ski drag has been reduced to increase speed, with 20% less ski weight!
- Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

UPC: 054065654135

Sold as a blank ski without bindings. Click on related products to shop our bindings. HO Black xMax bindings recommended.

Designed by Bob Lapoint, Kris lapoint, Will Asher, and Dave Wingerter
SKI PB: 2@43 off' by Will Asher

Proudly Made in the United States of America
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HO Syndicate VTR Slalom Water Ski 2017
HO Syndicate VTR Slalom Water Ski 2017 Base

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