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Slalom Water Ski Bags

Connelly WaterSki Bags, HO Slalom Ski Bags, Slalom Ski Heavy Duty Travel Bags

Protect your expensive slalom waterski from scratches when you travel or fly on an airline. Use a padded slalom waterski bag for airline travel, or for protection when you travel on the road. Bags are designed to cover your waterski and your mounted binding. Some bags are branded with a specific waterski logo such as Connelly or HO.

Need help deciding what size and type of waterski to buy?

What length waterski should I buy? What bindings are best? What are the different types and skill levels of waterskis? Should I buy a Slalom, or Combo Pair? What water ski should I buy to teach my kids how to waterski? Answers are in the guide. Please click on the guide icon below:
Water Ski Size Chart and Buyers Guide

Connelly Performance Wide Ski Bag to 70" Padded
desc here
Our price: $39.95
MRSP price: $50.00 save 20%
Connelly Pro Series Padded Waterski Bag 2018
desc here
Our price: $59.95
MRSP price: $64.99 save 8%
Connelly Team Slalom Ski Bag to 70" with Pouches
desc here
Our price: $49.95
MRSP price: $54.95 save 9%
HO Syndicate Global Skier Padded Slalom Ski Bag 63"-66"
desc here
Our price: $69.95
MRSP price: $80.00 save 13%