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Masterline Pro Lock Gloves Clincher Grip Waterski Gloves

Masterline Pro Lock Gloves Clincher Grip Waterski Gloves
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Masterline Pro Lock gloves are the ultimate grip waterski gloves, better than the Radar Vice Clincher Gloves

Masterline Pro Lock Gloves or Masterline Clincher Gloves have the Masterline Curved fit and Palm strap. If your fingers get tired and get a lot of blisters on your fingers and hands the first day out, these are the gloves you need. These Master Line Pro Lock Gloves have a strong palm strap reinforced with a dowel that transfers the force to your wrist and forearm instead of pulling on your fingers. Previously known as the Clincher Gloves, the Pro Lock Curves Gloves are now made by Masterline. Do longer runs. Improve your grip without resorting to use of abrasive Kevlar palm gloves which wear out the rubber on water ski handles. With these gloves and the palm strap, you can hold a waterski handle with your 2 middle fingers if you want, and you dont have use up all your grip strength like regular gloves.

The Clincher Glove company that previously made Clincher gloves no longer makes them and Masterline took over. Compare to the Radar Vice Glove which is the only other company on the market that makes this type of glove. Please click on the Customer Reviews tab to see the reviews showing Masterline as the superior choice. (Note Gordan Rathbuns comment, the guy who owns world famous waterskiing resorts.)

Waterski blogs and forums recommend buying an extra pair early in the season because Masterline always runs outof these by the middle or end of summer.


FAQs and misconceptions:

1. Is the palm strap on both gloves?: Both gloves have the same palm strap so it does not matter if you are left handed or right handed.

2. Does the dowl permanently lock on the waterski handle? I saw a gif cartoon ad for the Clincher glove of a man flying horizontally behind a boat like he could not let go of the waterski handle: Absolutely not!! The strap does not "lock" on the handle. That is a misconception about the dowel and palm strap. The dowel is sewn into the palm strap to form a curved hook near the fingers. The dowl is a permanent part of the glove shape. (See detailed images). When you grip the handle, you add some leverage on the strap to form a better hook. When you let go, the palm strap straightens out, thus you can let go of the handle at any time when you fall or end your run.

3. Can these gloves be used for wakeboarding?: I see no reason why not as long as you are not doing tricks. Any water sport that grips a handle should be OK with pro lock gloves, but wakeboarding tricks may need a less grippy glove for release and catch of the handle from hand to hand. Tricks require you to use different fingers on the handle rather than of the 2 middle fingers on a palm strap. Regular gloves would be better for wakeboarding tricks.


- Palm strap with dowel for superior grip
- These Pro Lock waterski gloves are pre-curved
- Extra padded writs strap
- Reinforced palm strap
- Double stitched
- Third tab locking system

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Masterline Pro Lock Gloves Clincher Grip Waterski Gloves
Masterline Pro Lock Gloves Showing Palm Straps
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Masterline Pro Lock Gloves Jon Travers
Pro Lock Clincher Grip Strap and Dowl

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