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Boat Covers by Carver and Taylor Made

To achieve optimum fit and prolong the life of your new boat cover, we suggest the following:

1) The cover has extra tie down loops sewn into the stern section to adapt to either outboard or inboard/outdrive designs

2) It is essential that the boat cover be secured on the boat using as many tie down loops as necessary. This can be accomplished by using rope, or by using a tie down kit.

3) In most instances, you will find it necessary to provide some type of drainage support. Allowing water, snow, etc., to accumulate and pool on the cover will shorten its life by ripping and/ or rotting the fabric. Damage to the boat could also result.

- To prevent mold and mildew on your ski boat cover, always air dry the cover completely before storing. NEVER STORE WET.
- Do not allow debris (leaves, droppings, etc.) to accumulate on the boat cover.
- Pad any sharp points before installing the cover
- Avoid contact with gasoline, chemicals, tree sap, etc.
- Never clean the cover with a detergent or in commercial machine. This will damage the fabric and the marine finish. Clean the cover while on the boat using a soft bristle brush and a mild soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry completely.

Carver Boat Cover Tournament Style Ski Boats
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Our price: $262.95
Carver Boat Cover V-Hull Runabout+Windshield and Rails
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Our price: $249.95
Taylor Made Boat Cover Support System
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Our price: $51.95
Yamaha Deluxe Premium Non-Tower Mooring Boat Cover 19ft
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Our price: $899.95
MRSP price: $924.99 save 3%
Yamaha Deluxe Premium Tower Mooring Boat Cover
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Our price: $829.95
MRSP price: $899.99 save 8%
Attwood Boat Cover 3 in 1 Support Pole
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Our price: $40.95
MRSP price: $41.95 save 2%